Beginning with the Galaxy S8 the default music player on all new Samsung cell phones will be Google Play Music, not Samsung’s own particular application.

For most Android OEMs this would not be outstanding news as the Android display has constantly made the packaging of Google programming and administrations a precondition of its utilization. Be that as it may, Samsung has verifiably opposed this, endeavoring to set up its own choices at the default on its gadgets. This has had, best case scenario blended outcomes and this news suggests Samsung has quit.


Both Samsung and Google wanted to make extraordinary declarations about the move. Both, obviously, centered around how extraordinary Google Play Music is and consequently what awesome news this is for Samsung S8 clients. To additionally sweeten the arrangement Google is putting forth Samsung clients 100,000 tracks worth of free distributed storage (twofold the past sum) and a three-month free trial of the spilling administration.

For Google this is a reasonable win – it slacks showcase pioneers Spotify and Apple Music regarding gushing administration piece of the overall industry and this is probably going to altogether enhance that position. Samsung sold more than 300 million cell phones alone a year ago so if even a modest extent of its clients subscribe to Google Play Music its offer will increment drastically.

What Samsung escapes this is more subtle. One conceivable sign is Google’s declaration that Play Music will work with Samsung’s new voice UI activity, Bixby, which could be viewed as a contender to the OK Google voice UI. Bixby appears to have off to a rough begin so perhaps Samsung is supporting Play Music in return for Google not creating issues for Bixby.


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