How cell phone booster can help you avoid brain tumor?

Experts have almost proved that using cell phones excessively can be a cause of brain tumor, especially if you are using cell phone under low signal area. In brief, it is observed that cell phone use to emit lot of radiations when it goes into low signal coverage area and reason for doing so is that cell phone gets more active to search signals. Now, if you are on call in low signal area then your cell phone will send more radioactive waves and due to call you will be handling cell phone very near to your brain, the radioactive waves directly effects brain. It is also suggested that you should never sleep by keeping cell phone under your pillow.

A cell phone booster boosts the signal strength in the area where it is mostly needed. You can get cell phone booster via online cell phone booster store and get rid of low signal problem. The working of signal amplifier is very simple, it collects low signal coverage which use to be coming from tower, then it sends the low signal to boosting unit. The boosting unit then boosts the low signal to highest band possible and transfers it to indoor antenna. Indoor antenna then spreads boosted signal strength to all over the area.

By all this, your cell phone never gets in to low signal problem and doesn’t emits the harmful radioactive waves, which do help in minimizing the risk of brain tumor which can happen due to cell phone usages.


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