Wireless Fidelity(Wi-Fi)- A Detailed Study

Wireless fidelity or Wi-Fi is emerging technology prevalent these days. With this technology, the information’s can be exchanged between two or more devices. It is exclusively designed for mobile computing devices, but can also be used in electronics like televisions, DVD players. The two possibilities of communicating with the Wi-Fi connection through  the client’s access point connection or client to client connection.

Wi-Fi is a type of wireless technology commonly referred as wireless LAN (local area network). They allow local area networks to work without cable and wiring. They remain the best choice for home and business networks. A wireless adaptor transmits the data into a radio signal which in turns transferred to antennas and for users.

Wi-Fi is high speed internet connection without the need for any cable or wires. They operate in three essential elements like radio signal, antenna and router.  The key to Wi-Fi is radio waves. The cell phones and computers are provided with Wi-Fi cards. A new creation to constituent the Wi-Fi compatibility, within the ground that is connected with community networks. Security is the important element in Wi-Fi technology. Security is a personal opinion but it is necessary to protect our private details.


Types of WI-FI Technologies:

They are four major types of WIFI technologies we use currently.

  • Wi-Fi-802.11a
  • Wi-Fi-802.11b
  • Wi-Fi-802.11g
  • Wi-Fi-802.11n

They are defined by the format and structure of the radio signals sent out by WI-FI antennas and networking routers.


  • Wireless laptop are handy and can be carried anywhere.
  • Wi-Fi network communication devices can reduce the cost of wires, without wire
  • Wi-Fi setup and configuration is easy
  • It provides completely safe and does not interfere with any network
  • We can also connect internet through hot spots
  • We can connect internet wirelessly


  • Wi-Fi radiations can harm the human health
  • Whenever we are not using the server, we must disconnect the Wi-Fi connection
  • Some limitations are there to transfer the data, and cannot transfer the data for long distance
  • The implementation is quiet expensive when compared to the other.


Types of antennas available and determining its usage

The broadcast antenna can transmit the boosted signal inside the structure.


Panel Antenna:

  • They transmit and receive signal in a 70 degree beam width. They are ideal for wall mounts or hiding above ceiling 4-10 dB of gain. They will radiate a signal for 50-70 feet in a specific direction, depending on incoming signal.




Dome Antennas:


  • They transmit and receives signal in a 360 degree pattern. Ideal for drop ceiling and ceiling mount installs 3-5 dB gain. They will radiate a signal for 20-50 feet in each direction, depending on the incoming signal.


  • They are not recommended for installations over 20 feet high.





A cellular booster that can get the job done right on all frontiers

WilsonPro 4000R cell phone booster is best for businesses operating within multi-story buildings including large offices, industrial metal-framed buildings, hospitals, convention centers, warehouses, schools. It is best for establishments with basements and multiple floors, including underground floors, libraries and underground parking spaces. Basically, if a cell booster is needed for a large indoor area, then businesses will find Wilson 4000 R cell phone signal booster to be a huge advantage for making wireless communication strong indoors.
The cell booster has on board software specifically to make control much better. As such, every indoor path of the antenna is automatically and independently controlled. The software also ensures there’s wider and better connectivity across multi-story buildings and gigantic spaces. Every port is controlled independently. Each port adjusts its own gain level down and up effortlessly, as needed as per immediate signal conditions within that environment. This happens without any disruption of any antenna coverage.
The XDR (Extra Dynamic Range) technology that comes with the 4000R guarantees continuous connectivity. As a result, the cell booster tolerates excessive signal better than other competing boosters. It deflects the strongest signal by lowering its power to prevent damaging the cellular network without shutting itself down. Wilson Electronics’ proprietary XDR technology makes sure the booster does not shutdown when the signal is too strong. Continuous connectivity is assured as the signal strength does not overpower the WilsonPro 4000R which in other signal boosters, results in an immediate shutdown.
Most cell boosters out there are not the easiest to access. Not so with the 4000R. Its LCD color screen sets it apart, including its four-way inimitable navigation that makes integration effective, and easy.
The WilsonPro 4000R is compatible with 4G, 3G and 2G services. It works with cellular enabled mobile devices such as iPad, Tablets, Galaxy series, iPhones and other Smartphones and devices. All United States carriers are compatible with the signal booster, including 3G and 4 LTE networks. This includes Metro PCS, C SPire, Leap Wireless, US Cellular, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon Wireless and AT&T among others. At the same time all Canadian carriers, 3G and 4G LTE as well, are also covered, such as Wind, Fido, Telus, Bell, Rogers among others. The 4000R works with diverse frequencies from 700MHz-bands 13, 12/17, AWS 1700-2100 MHz-band 4, 1900MHz-band 2 and 850MHz-band 5.

Mac OS X Lion over Windows 8 or Vive-Versa??

Everybody is interested to see what would happen if we compare the performance of a very early version of Microsoft’s upcoming desktop OS with Apple’s released one, and we thought you would be, too. Windows 8 is far from finished, but its creators have made bold claims about performance. I’ve already compared the Windows 8 Developer Preview with Windows 7, which presented its own challenges.
Comparing with Mac OS X introduces even more hazards. On one hand the version of Windows 8 we test with here, the Developer Preview is far from finished—it’s not even ready to be called a “beta”—and code optimization is usually among the last tasks in any software project. On the other hand, we have Apple’s fully baked and optimized Mac OS X Lion, which has been a released product for over six months. Add to this that Lion is finely tuned to mesh with the Apple hardware it runs on, compared with Windows, which must run on a huge array of different hardware combinations from many vendors.
Despite all the warnings, as you’ll see, Windows 8 was surprisingly up to the challenge. And indeed, some of Windows 8’s developers’ big claims are that it will take up less memory, run fewer CPU processes, and boot faster, all of which should add up to better performance.

The time it takes to get your computer up and running can make the difference between getting that idea down or information retrieved in time or not. To determine the startup time for each OS, I started the stopwatch (actually an iPhone) at the point of choosing the OS from the multi-boot menu (arrived at by holding the Option key after pressing the start button) and stopped it when the desktop displayed and was functional. My results here were quite shocking: Windows 8 booted faster on the MacBook than OS X Lion did! Of course, Lion is a bigger OS with more tools and features at this point, so there’s probably a good reason for this. The difference was 31 seconds for Lion, and 26 seconds for Windows 8 Developer Preview.

For shutdown times, the opposite state of affairs prevailed: OS X Lion shut down completely in under 3 seconds, while Windows 8 took 16 seconds. I ran the stopwatch from the time of choosing the equivalent of the “really shut down” choice in each OS to the time the laptop’s motors all went quiet. It would seem that if Lion is loading more code into memory, it would need more time to save state and so on for shutdown. And Windows 8’s developers have made claims about much more efficient state-saving for that OS’s shutdown, but the numbers don’t lie: Mac OS X Lion has a far more efficient shutdown procedure.
In another surprise, Windows 8 bested Lion slightly on this test. Since the benchmark is mostly designed to rate the hardware, any slight improvement is a feather in the OS software’s cap. Windows 8 showed a nearly 17 percent edge over Lion.
These tests confirm that: Windows 8 is no slouch – so far. It feels snappy on pretty much any hardware you throw it at. And here we are at a very early stage in its pre-release. It speaks well that the nascent OS can hold its own against a mature, fully optimized, hardware specific OS like Lion. It’s worth mentioning again that it’s early days yet, and we can’t possibly know how much more code Microsoft is going to add to Windows 8 in the next few months, but we can hope that they don’t add too much to bog it down before release. It certainly seems that their strategy this time is in the opposite direction, towards honing it down.

SureCall – The name says it all !!

The SureCall Fusion7 Cellular, WiFi and HDTV Signal Booster kit is the first 7 band booster on the market and will boost the voice, 3G and 4G LTE networks for most of the carriers in North America (except for Sprint 4G LTE), WiFi, and HDTV channels as well. It comes with everything that you need to start boosting cell signals, WiFi and HDTV, including all of the necessary cellular antennas, cables, a WiFi router to interface with the existing network, an HDTV antenna, and the Fusion7 amplifier which will boost all of the signals it receives.

The SureCall Fusion7 Signal Booster Kit is designed for use in the US and Canada. It may also work in other countries except in most European, Asian, and African countries because the frequencies used there are different from what are used in North America.
Key Features of the Product

  • First 7-Band Signal Booster in the Industry
  • Boost cell phone reception, extend WiFi coverage, and improve HD signal
  • Reduce dropped calls
  • Highest 4G data rate in the Industry
  • Extend cell phone battery life
  • Boosts voice, 3G and 4G LTE data signals for most major North American cell carriers
  • Kit includes everything you need for easy installation

Many variables impact the total coverage area of a signal booster system. The following are estimates only and may not be accurate in any individual situation.

Coverage Area:

  • If you have an existing strong 5-bar outside signal, you may get up to 6,000 sq ft of coverage inside
  • If you have an existing 3 to 4-bar (-90 dB) outside signal, you may get up to 5,000 sq ft of coverage inside
  • If you have an existing 1 to 2-bar (-100 dB) outside signal:
    • With an Omnidirectional outside antenna, you may get up to 1,000 sq ft of coverage inside
    • With a Directional outside antenna, you may get up to 3,000 sq ft of coverage inside
  • If you have no existing outside signal, this kit will offer no improvement.  You must have some existing signal outside for this kit to be beneficial.

Supported Carriers:

The SureCall Fusion7 Signal Booster Kit supports the voice, 3G and 4G LTE networks from most carriers in the US and Canada. Here is a more detailed breakdown of the carriers, networks and frequencies boosted by the SureCall Fusion7:

  • AT&T 2G, 3G, 4G H+ & 4G LTE
  • Verizon 2G, 3G & 4G LTE
  • Sprint 2G & 3G
  • US Cellular 2G, 3G & 4G LTE
  • T-Mobile 2G, 3G & 4G LTE
  • All other carriers using 700 MHz, 800 MHz, 1900 MHz, and 1700/2100 MHz (AWS)


Science Behind the Effects of Cell Phones Waves

Biological and physiological effects

There had been a lot of experimental research on the biological effects of RF and microwave fields that are broad and includes studies of volunteers, animals and in vitro, cell-based techniques. The studies cover the effects of RF and microwave radiation between 100 MHz and 60 GHz and focus both on the functional changes in the brain (influence of exposure to RF and microwave fields on the head) and on carcinogenic processes, reproduction and development, the cardiovascular system and longevity (as a result of whole body exposure to RF and microwave fields).
The biological effects observed on the cardiovascular, endocrine and immune systems and on the behaviour of animals studied seem to be thermal effects of acute exposure to RF and microwave radiation, with increases of at least 1 °C or 2 °C in temperature needed to produce these effects. As to the increased risk of developing cancer after exposure to RF or microwave fields, the evidence for such an association is extremely weak. Since the radiation from mobile phones and signal stations does not have enough energy to break chemical or molecular bonds directly, there is no basis in theory to suggest that they can damage DNA. Moreover, a biological mechanism that explains any possible carcinogenic effect from RF or microwave fields has yet to be identified. Because of the difficulties in interpreting findings from laboratory studies, the hypothesis that RF or microwave radiation is harmful and could have effects on health that have not yet been recognized cannot be rejected.
In vitro experiments that show abnormal cell proliferation, changes in cell membranes, and movement of ions and substances across membranes are difficult to extrapolate to people. It is also difficult to extrapolate to people the observed effects on cerebral functions that relate to the behaviour of rodents since, among other reasons, the whole brain of these small animals is exposed to radiation whereas the brains of people who use mobile phones, although being exposed, receive the highest exposure in the part closest to the handset. Moreover, the thermal effects of radiation are unlikely to be seen in people, as the increase in the local temperature of the brain induced by the microwaves generated by mobile phones is negligible (it has been estimated to be up to 0.1 °C).
Clinical effects
Within human population studies, epidemiological studies provide the most direct information on the long-term effects on health of any potential harmful agent. To assess the adverse effects on health that may result from the use of mobile phones, research with a specific focus on cancer has been carried out. By the end of the 1990s, the number of studies was small and the works presented major methodological limitations, the most outstanding one being the lack of enough people with an exposure time long enough to accurately assess the potential adverse late effects on health of mobile phone use.
With respect to brain tumours, most of the experimental studies yielded negative results, although a few of them suggested an increased risk for mobile phone users. Because of these results, it is not possible to establish an association between the use of mobile phones and an increased risk of brain tumours. With regard to acoustic neuroma – a rare, benign tumour on the auditory nerve – the studies available reported inconsistent results, except for the most recent ones, which found an association between an increase in the risk of this type of tumour and 10 years or more of mobile phone use; moreover, the increased risk is confined to the side of the head where the phone was usually held.
A number of clinical complaints related to the use of mobile phones are reported in the scientific literature. They include headache, fatigue, sleep disorders, loss of memory, dizziness, feelings of heat or tingling in the auricular (or auditory) area or in the head, vertigo, deafness and blurred vision. Very few studies are available, and their results provide no evidence of an association between these symptoms and the use of mobile phones.

Did you choose the best Cell Phone Signal Booster for your Home?

A weak cell signal is frustrating, and it can happen anywhere. Dead spots aren’t just a plague for people living out in the boondocks. I have experienced this a lot of times when I lived in a small apartment I rarely had more than one bar of reception inside my apartment. I always dropped calls, failed to download apps and had incoming calls go straight to voicemail. Something was obviously blocking the signals from reaching me, because as soon as I went outside, the single bar of reception turned to five and everything returned to the way I expected. I could have avoided this with a cell phone signal reception booster.
There are two types of consumer mobile phone signal boosters – vehicle cell phone boosters and home cell phone boosters . An outside antenna receives a signal from a cell tower and sends the signal to an amplifier that emits the boosted signal through an inside antenna. The difference between the two types is the FCC regulations that cap the vehicle gain at 50 dB, which has a coverage area that will cover your vehicle but nothing else. Home cell phone boosters are less regulated and can have a max gain as high as 72 dB, which covers about 6,000 square feet.
There are few standard criteria one should follow when choosing a cell phone signal booster.
Needed Coverage Area
The first consideration for a home cell phone booster would be the coverage area you need. Does your entire home suffer from weak signals, or is it a specific area? There are home cell phone boosters designed for a single room or an entire house. The higher the max gain, the better the range. The best cell phone signal boosters for a home have a max gain of 72 dB with a range of approximately 6,000 square feet , but you can also get cell phone boosters that only cover the range of a desk.
Outside Signal Strength
Once you’ve determined how much area needs to be covered, you’ll need to check out the strength of the outside signal. Wherever you find the strongest signal is where you’ll install the outside antenna.
Antenna Type
Unlike with cell phone boosters for cars, there are several different types of outside antennas to consider. An omnidirectional antenna is ideal for urban or suburban areas where the outside signal is strong but the inside signal is weak or non-existent. This is because it can receive signals from all directions and has a short range. Its main objective is to pump the outside signal inside.
A directional antenna is ideal for rural areas where the weak signal is the result of being too far from the cell tower. It has a much higher forward gain than an omnidirectional antenna. The best directional antennas have a forward gain of 14 dBi, which is like the difference between binoculars and a telescope. It can see much further, but it has to be pointed in the right direction to be effective.
Cable Length
Home cell phone boosters have two coax cables. The longest one leads from the antenna to the signal booster, while the shorter one leads from the signal booster to the inside antenna. You want to keep the length of the outside cable as short as possible, because the signal strength decreases by up to 3.9 dB for every 100 feet of cable. When you consider that every 3 dB change in a signal represents an exponential increase or decrease, cord length is important.

Metal warehouse buildings make a good Faraday’s cage.

Medical tests confirm broken DNA strands in her blood and abnormal tissue death within their brain. But there are studies that have revealed alarming results which have otherwise worried many consumers. The truth is that a charter school is a public school. Colorado funds charter schools at 100% of the per pupil revenue of the home district. A district can withhold up to 5% of the revenue to cover its administrative expenses. Charter schools may not charge tuition by state law. They can only charge fees within the same statutory limits as other non-charter public schools. This is why charter schools often do a lot of fundraising and apply for private grants.

Special ‘duty’ does not mean it takes a special person, nor does the word NAVY stand for -Never Again Volunteer Yourself, For the souls who work well and hold the backbone to keep focus… the idea to volunteer often leads to AMAZING opportunities to have unique chances.
Warehouse  style sheds
Don’t be discouraged if your child can’t explain the right situations to you. They often understand intuitively even when they can’t explain it. Encourage them to trust their “gut” feelings and if in doubt, to call.

In a nutshell here is how it works… A cell signal sent from a cellular tower is picked up by an external antenna, which feeds it to an amplifier which boosts the signal and sends it to an internal antenna which your phone or data card picks up. The reverse occurs when sending the signal back to the cellular tower. This works with the phone signal and the Internet EVDO signal.

Putting together a building is quite simple. Once you assembled all the parts together, simply add insulation, wiring, and other things you need, and voila! You have an instant building that is ready to use. If you think warehouse buildings look ugly, think again. Nowadays, there is a huge collection of styles and colors to choose from, which makes warehouse buildings less boring than they used to be. Also, you can always think of your own creative ways to customize the interiors and exteriors. For example, you could decorate the walls with wallpaper or paintings, or simply paint the walls yourself. The building is yours, so the design and decoration is completely up to reigns of your imagination.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that not all cell tower leases are created equal. One important thing to remember here is the role of negotiation. Negotiation is a life skill. For many landowners, a strong negotiation can lead to a more favorable lease. The key to negotiation is being prepared. This means that research is key. You need to have a clear set of expectations. Good negotiators know how much they can get for their land.

If is so much easier to have a multistoried building made out of steel. First and foremost, you will realize that they will cost much less than buildings made of other materials. Concrete and brick buildings will have much larger labor costs due to the construction time and the amount of labor you will need to have it erected.

If you want to open up a thrift shop or other specialty shop, you may find that shops downtown are filled or do not offer you the location you need to generate traffic. Structures made from durable materials are the perfect retail space for you. There are several ways to customize it to make it work for you.

This is certainly as almost as much as 20% of his or her total sales and profits. I am getting all emails/SMS to come back the phone forwarded to my email address.

Antennas come in a multiple colors, for specific applications.

The Inno is USB several.0 Hi-Speed compatible. The phone can take a bit of a beating, yet continue in order to operate. One may think such tactics are the actual top. Sponsored by the Broward Amateur Radio Club. Once you’ve filmed the show, you’ll need to edit it. There are a number of computer tools including Microsoft’s free Movie Maker that will do the job (except Chroma key which requires a better editor).

A new HAM that is trying to get their first contact is just that, new. This is not a bad thing and contacts can be made most often by just changing frequencies to another repeater. SO to any new HAM operator the best advice is don’t give up. Don’t be shy. Keep trying and you will make that first QSO. Most HAM operators are very helpful and will give great advice to help improve your communications. As a new HAM don’t be concerned that you don’t know everything there is to know about using your radio, your antenna, feed lines, or the phonetic alphabet. Station operators that have been on the air for a while will be glad to help, if they can’t help they will refer you to some one who can.
Another great reason to use a cell phone reverse phone number lookup is to find out who keeps prank calling you. There is nothing more annoying than an early morning phone call that is just to entertain the caller. The price can be in dollars or it can also be in hassles. I understood the hassles I was getting into and that was little compared to what I received in entertainment and value. Talk radio generally vastly outperforms this type of generic music radio in terms of popularity and listener loyalty. Music stations with lively personalities, particularly those who clearly care about what they play also tend to do well (if left undisturbed by the corporate saboteurs). The attachment site toward multi point specification operates within 10 – 66 GHz plethora. You’ll need at least two lights (the main or fill and the key). Apple makes bumpers especially for the iPhone give consideration to.The truth is, people choose fear based actions and reactions daily, many times more than once in a 24 hour period. Why on Earth would they do that? Especially when fear based actions and reactions are known to create fear based experiences? How would you define failure?

A new HAM that is trying to get their first contact is just that, new. This is not a bad thing and contacts can be made most often by just changing frequencies to another repeater. SO to any new HAM operator the best advice is don’t give up. Don’t be shy. Keep trying and you will make that first QSO. Most HAM operators are very helpful and will give great advice to help improve your communications. As a new HAM don’t be concerned that you don’t know everything there is to know about using your radio, your antenna, feed lines, or the phonetic alphabet. Station operators that have been on the air for a while will be glad to help, if they can’t help they will refer you to some one who can.

The Audiovox 8425 is a pretty great phone when looking at the big picture. It is an excellent choice for people who travel a great deal or those engaged in sports activities. The phone can take a bit of a beating, yet continue to operate. It lacks a few of the innovations of newer phone designs, but it is still a trusty design. Check Major Specification of the model: It is equipped with all standard features such as power steering, rear seat belts, 3 assist grips, 3 spoke urethane steering wheel, antenna, cabin light (3 position), console box (lower), heater and manual Air conditioning,) cup holders (front 2, rear1), front door trim pockets, green tinted glass window, headlamp leveling device and rear fog lamps. The engine of the automobile is powered by the 16 valve 4 cylinders, 1300 cc engine generating power of solid 87bhp @ 6000 rpm.

Never leave home without identification and medical information on your pet. Should you become separated dog tags with your home address and cell phone can make it easier to reunite master and pet. Having the medical information along will come in handy if you need proof your pet has had the proper shots or in the event that your cat or dog required medical attention during the trip. Consumer Reports also made a decision two other Garmin GPS’s–the nuvi 660 or even the nuvi 350. The nuvi 660 resembles the nuvi 760 except it won’t do the multiple notion routing. (That allows you to enter more than one way destination into the device at the same time.) And the nuvi 660 service fees about $50 less.

Song writers and producers, recording unit cabling

You can still go to be able to dinner, just don’t do it now as plenty. This model gets five stars for this road bike review. Mind you the programs were very limited back next. If you’re a singer-songwriter with just a voice and a guitar, setting up for a live concert is probably a breeze. But if you play in a full band with drums, guitar, bass, keys, and vocals, setting up can be a daunting task–especially if you’re using your own PA system. Keeping that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of tips that can make preparing and setting up for a live gig much easier.

I am a die difficult Red Sox fan and comply with the team’s games dutifully but increasing month to month cable and satellite costs triggered me to look towards World-wide-web for my difficult hitting action. My 1st alternative in web sites was mlb tv. Internet site providers permitted users to view every 2010 normal period game titles live for an alternative of a month to month or yearly payment. The month-to-month charge is $14.95, the annual fee is $85.95. Even though less high-priced than the rg6 satellite cable provider I had been with, there had been restrictions I could not agree with and pick not to sign up with them. This meant I needed to carry on my search to the perfect website for my MLB action.

One of the best ways to route sound to different rooms or areas through the house is by using a speaker switch box. This is a separate box that would be placed next to the receiver and you can manually switch the sound using this box. You would have to listen to the same audio source in all rooms unless the switch box has multiple receivers hooked into it.

This tough tower case has a fully rugged layout that is proven to offer excellent thermal performance. It features a removable HDD racks and cable system that you may dismantle anytime you want to. This will also allow you to place your cable routing system in your own home or office desk in order. This Cooler Master HAF 932 has retaining holes that will make things simpler for you to set up a liquid cooling kit.

You can expect even higher performance when a high gain yagi antenna, like the 13 dBi gain Wilson 301111 is used with a Wilson direct connect 3 watt amplifier .

Use RG59 Siamese cable. This is an RG59 LMR 400, with 18/2 power wire. Perfect for any CCTV security system installation and is available in bulk reels, or shorter pieces. You can also order them with BNC connectors pre-installed for ultra fast setup.

Once a consumer gets the signal they are half way home. The next thing they need is a 3D TV and some shutter glasses to view it. Some of these TV models are already hitting the market. Samsung for instance has numerous 3D TVs now available. The cost is only marginally higher than for other flat screen HDTV models. The shutter glasses need to be purchased with the television set or at least be the same brand. They pick up a signal from a transmitter on top of the television and therefore have to synchronize with it. The cost of the a typical set of shutter glasses will probably be around $100-$150. But if several people will be watching the TV at the same time, shoppers may need several pairs of these special glasses.
Old Mc-donold
As a football fan, you got your money’s worth if you went to an UFL game and you didn’t waste your time if you watched games on television. Those who were realistic about the league were probably even slightly pleasantly surprised by the football games. The UFL will never be anything other than minor league football as long as the NFL exists. The league is still a fun alternative for whenever no NFL game is on TV. I suggest keeping because a dust cover since it is also pleasing to the eye. RG-59 is a type of coaxial cable (often called coax cable). P-VIP lamps present highest luminescence needed for efficient projector.